Nowadays people often give more importance to personal hygiene that they more often think about the importance of  portable toilets. Maintaining good personal hygiene is one of the most efficient and effective way of protecting oneself from various illness that occur due to lack of personal hygiene. The portable toilets is a  lightweight transportable product.  Portable toilets can be used in a variety of places and situations, for example in public spaces and construction zones. It provides an important facility for the elimination of human waste that existed before indoor plumbing came into play. Portable toilets can be placed anywhere in a suitable area according to the convenience and situation.  Ecoplanet  supplies portable toilets in middle east region, especially in UAE.  Portaloo  is a portable building which contains a toilet that can be easily moved around.  Ecoplanet produces three different types of portable toilets. They are Plastic Portable Toilets (HDPE), Glass Reinforced Portable Toilets(GRP) and  Pre-fabricated Portable Toilets.



portable Toilets manufactures in uae

Plastics are so durable and non-corrosive, that it turns into an important raw material used.  Ecoplanet’s main motive is to provide quality products and commitment to its customers.  Ecoplanets best service and its effective response to clients and customers has allowed the company to grow to become one of the largest manufacturers of portable sanitation products in Dubai. Portable toilets in Oman and Portable toilets in Abu Dhabi are too gaining its popularity because of its best service. These products have passed quality inspection and also the test for durability. Portable toilets sale in UAE has been expanding in the last few years. Ecoplanet has become one of the best Portable Toilet Supplier in UAE. Our main aim is to provide best products that customers demand for. The products we offer are made from high quality materials.  Ecoplanets portable toilets give professional support worldwide to supply our products for clients locally.