Portable Hand Wash

Dirty hands are the carriers of numerous infectious diseases! Neglecting a hand wash facility,
even for a transitory occasion, where people gathers can cause serious health issues. If
insertions of a temporary hand wash facility are effortless and economical then why to skip the
healthy choice?

To satisfy any outdoor or indoor portable hand wash supplies, Ecoplanet brings to you movable
hand wash sink and station that are excellent in quality and design. As the leading supplier of
Mobile hand washes in the Middle East, we source our clientele with best in class handwash
stations, mobile sinks, automatic hand wash, and many more.
Quality is our benchmark and the products we provide stringently comply with all the health
regulations, hand washing codes, and licenses. They are strong, smart, durable and ideal for
regular use. The diverse models presented with inbuilt water tanks, waste water storage,
sensor facilities etc. are well suit for commercial purposes.
The portable handwash stations in exemplary styles and shapes are of high order. The mobile
hand washes generally available in standard sizes is even customizable on-demand. The hand
wash facilities are best suits for Construction Sites, Schools, Kinder Garden, Nurseries, Events,
Villas, Restaurant, Coffee Shops, Hotels, etc. We are the prime dealers of specially designed
anti-bacterial medical hand wash station for Hospitals, Clinics & Pharmacy in UAE.